Storage ideas – We have tried to gather together the most comprehensive and discoverrabe set of Elfa images on the web.

Storage ideas – The Elfa system contains many smart features and products. Our planning experts have pre-planned a selection of ready solutions for different room types and storage needs. This will help you on your way to new functional storage. Just add the specific solution directly to your purchase list and visit some of our re-sellers or open the solution in our planning tool and modify it to fit your specific needs and measurements.

Clean, aesthetic melamine shelves mounted on wall bands with brackets, the so called Shelving system, has become a true Elfa classic. They can be found in homes all over the world and are often featured in acknowledged interior magazines. The simple, classy design of the bookshelves allows for the books and other interior details like vases, posters or house plants to shine.  The Shelving system is easy to customize to fit challenging spaces, like below inclined ceilings

Leave the floor space besides your bed clear, by building your own bed table on the wall. You can create your own stylish made-to-measure bed table out of wallbands, brackets and melamine shelves. Place the shelf in waist height to achieve a trendy look. The shelves are perfect for storing your books, glasses, alarm clock or other small gadgets that tend to gather in the bedroom.

Even in rooms where you have challenges like pipes and radiators it’s possible to create your own built-in bookshelf, with the Shelving system. With a little imagination and handy craft the wallbands can be placed on suitable distance from your obstacles and the shelves can be cut to fit perfectly around them.