Garage – Elfa have a hooks, holders and shelves for every possible sport, hobby or trade that you may have to accommodate in   your garage.  And guess what our system doesn’t mean you have to clad your garage in yards of redundant and environmentally friendly plastic or aluminium, simple steel track or rails all under a TEN YEAR warranty Garage fittings that wont flex!

Used imaginatively Elfa equipment has so many applications in the kitchen.

Elfa storage board and utility tracks could be used to hold dry goods, herbs spices (dry and living!)

Elfa is probably the greatest product you’ve never heard of, it is perfect for new build flats and apartments like garagepride that have been built with no wardrobe or an empty wardrobe void. Choose Elfa London.

We are specialists in storage design, we have been designing and building bespoke shelves, cupboard and wardrobe under out sister brand Exploit Space for twelve years and our owner and lead designer started his thirty five year design career with a degree in product design.

When we discovered Elfa in 2010 we were blown away by the product’s flexibility and range. We can tell you with absolute certainty that an Elfa wardrobe will cheaper than any other bespoke wardrobe (by an order of magnitude), once you start to specify Elfa’s elegant gliding drawers, trouser racks and shoe storage the savings (compared to bespoke) stat to really multiply. For Garageflex choose Elfa London.

Organise Space are the ONLY people in the UK who offer a full design and install service for Elfa.

Organise Space are fully insured and our installers are genuine craftsman who also work on our bespoke building and furniture projects.

Organise Space are probably the ONLY Elfa designers and installers WORLDWIDE that use our own 3D models of Elfa parts to create a fully accurate  3D model of your space (however oddly shaped) to show you EXACTLY what your Garagepride Elfa Garage assembly will look like and how it will perform.

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