Elfa London – On this page we have tried to document a few of the projects we have successfully installed across London.

We become frequent visitors to many of the apartment blocks we visit, often floor plans are repeated and we we find a design that has been carefully configured for one client can be used again and again and again throughout the block.

Our designs are all produced using 3D CAD, we can show you a model of your apartment that is accurate to the millimeter and will be able to show you exactly what our proposal will look like in your space. As far as we know we are the only people in the world offering this service.

We have been designing and installing fitted furniture in London for over two decades and for much of that time we have been installing Elfa. We know London homes can be compact and are often an irregular shape. We are adept and trimming many of the stock elfa parts so they work outside the standard bay sizes.

We can work from photographs and a few basic measurements, The Elfa system is tolerant and parts can be sized precisely on the day of the install.

The Elfa system contains many smart features and products. Our planning experts have pre-planned a selection of ready solutions for different room types and storage needs. This will help you on your way to new functional storage. Just add the specific solution directly to your purchase list and visit some of our re-sellers or open the solution in our planning tool and modify it to fit your specific needs and measurements.