Full design and install service

Let us design and install a bespoke assembly for you. We will create an exact 3D model of your space and show you a number of bespoke Elfa storage solutions in context.

Site surveys and initial consultation is free. We charge a nominal fee of £30 for out design work*

Our design and install service is typically 70% of the equipment cost**

* Recouped against final project cost.
** Our projects are typically in the £500 to £2000 range.

Design your own Elfa assembly

Use Elfa’s amazing online design tools to draw the wardrobe of your dreams.

Important – You will need to register first (http://uk.elfa.com/site/en/gbr/plan-your-space).

When you have registered you can create designs and save fully priced* parts lists. Email your parts list to us manually or direct from the Elfa site to receive a our quotation jon@exploitspace.co.uk.
We are happy to offer support and advice if you are designing you own Elfa assembly (call Jon on 07970211084) but we only offer fitting on our own designs.

Tips for using the online tool…

  • Register first
  • Only design while logged in
  • Use the “overview” button (bottom right) to freeze a design
  • Use the “done – show including articles” button (bottom right) to show a part list with prices

The online tool is fun and will give you a good feel for the Elfa system’s flexibility but please note…

  • Does not show the full product range
  • It can’t design outside standard bay sizes
  • Has never seen a three hundred year old wobbly London wall

Buy parts

We do not sell parts, please contact our good friends at Store in Chester http://www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk

We are happy to offer support and advice if you are designing your own Elfa assembly, call Jon on 07970211084, we only offer fitting on our own designs.


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